Validateskills is a skills assessment application designed for the skills assessment market. With validateskills we look to put you in the driving seat. Clients can write their own skills assessments in what ever topic relates to their business and assessment requirements. This is also true of exams, questions can be built around qualification requirements and managed accordingly. Validateskills can be used for competent based assessments using a number of question writing templates in our easy to use wizard.

We offer an on-line tool which will help organisations map their existing IT Professional job roles to the SFIA framework. With our easy to use wizard tool you can view the descriptions on SFIA skills codes and align them to your needs. Upon completion you view the level descriptors and use as the wording within your job roles if required.

SFIA Job Role Assessments SFIA defines 96 professional skills that are relevant to IT Professionals in various roles. These skills are mapped across seven levels of responsibility. Their focus is on the long-lasting skills needed by practitioners, not on technological knowledge which has a rapid turnover. With our nationwide approved SFIA consultants we can align organisations IT Job Roles to SFIA codes and assess against levels using validateskills solutions.

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